07 May, 2011

It had to happen

I got my first puncture in about 10 years on the way home from my bike ride a couple of nights ago.

This... what caused me to get a flat a mile from home. Do you see the white dot in the middle of my tyre? Doesn't it look innocent?

Thinking I'd cycled over some glass, imagine my horror when I found the King Kong of thorns protruding through my tyre.

I hoped my patch job would be enough to get me through my bike ride this evening...

Me and my tyre made it home in one piece!


  1. Yipes! That is one serious thorn. 10 years is a great run, though. Here's to another 10 years of puncture-free riding!

  2. 10 years was a fab run (thanks bike!) but I think I have a slow puncture so another fix may be in order!


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