30 April, 2011

Bad Photographer

Slumdog Millionaire is on the telly and I'm reminded of our trip to India earlier this year. What an adventure! I really want to go back.

Ok, so we came back from India at the beginning of March and I still haven't had my photo's developed. Terrible aren't I? I've been meaning to get them done for ages but I've just not got round to it yet. I promise I'll get them developed this week.

Anyway, here's a photo Ian took of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur from the rooftop restaurant of our hotel

Such a beautiful city *sigh*

Hello Kitty

Another work colleague asked me to bake a cake, this time it was a Hello Kitty cake for their daughter's 9th birthday.

 She looks so sweet sat on top of the cake. I felt guilty stabbing a toothpick through her body so her head would stay on...

Happy 9th Birthday Alicia!

25 April, 2011

The King

This is Elvis

He's very pleased to meet you.

23 April, 2011

Bike Ride Treat

After spending all day cooped up inside at work, I was so excited to have had a bike ride planned in with Kellie this for evening. The weather has been wonderful all day which teased me no end and it also made work extremely quiet - nobody in their right mind would want to sit in a dark room and watch films when the sun has come out play!

Kellie met me from work and we headed up the canal to Polesworth. There were loads of people out on their boats and even more people enjoying the beer gardens along the way. We passed by Pooley Farm and after a quick history lesson I discovered this beautiful house was once owned Edwin Starr - thank you Mrs Croft, your lessons are the best!


How pretty is that? I know, and right on my doorstep!
We got off the canal and cycled through Polesworth and headed for Twycross, through some amazing countryside. Now, Tamworth isn't the most picturesque of places but hop on a bike and cycle five minutes out of the town centre and you will find the prettiest villages.

On our cycling travels we saw flamingoes. Yes, you heard it right, flamingoes! Twycross Zoo was on our route and the bird enclosure can be seen from the road. Next time I'll bring my camera for some action shots.

So after about 19 miles of struggling cycling I finally got back home, devoured my dinner and in honour of this post by Dottie from Let's Go Ride A Bike, I had a cupcake. These things just have to be done.

Happy cycling!

17 April, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

A couple of weekends ago we flew over to Ireland to say hello, goodbye to Peter and Roisin before their big move to Canada in May. Canada! How exciting?!

Roisin is the dream hostess. We were fed and watered like it was going of fashion, played Trivial Pursuit until 4 o'clock in the morning (please note that I was cheated out of a wedge by 'quizmaster' Ben) and had an all together fab time. 

We had a day trip out to Hook Head, the worlds oldest operational lighthouse, don't you know?

Home to some absolutely breathtaking views

Ben skimmed rocks, unsuccessfully

Throwing stones like a girl

Mr. Emma tried and failed to rescue a football

 Peter played with sea foam


We warmed up in the tea room and found some crayons to keep Ben quiet

Ben: "What colour is the lighthouse?"
Peter: "Take a look out of the window, Ben it's right there"

Ben: "Is it red?"
Me: "We've just walked right past it to get into the tea room"
Ben: *frustrated sigh*
Mr. Emma: "Ben, just look outside, it's right there"
Me: "It's black"
Ben: "Hmmmm.... I'm not sure if it's red or black"

 Later that night we head over to Azzurro, a lovely little restaurant in the fishing village of Dunmore East. The food was delicious - I can highly recommend the Dunmore East mussles with chorizo and the monkfish and chips. Yum!

We ended the night with a few drinks at The Vic in Tramore and finally made our way back home for a nightcap (or two).

Check out our morning after the night before, camera-resting-on-wheel-bin wonky group photo! Love it!

Ben, Roisin, Me, Peter, Mr. Emma and Charlie the dog
So, in honour of our quick-as-a-flash weekend away I feel I ought to have The Beatles to sing us out.

Good luck kids. See you soon! x

14 April, 2011

I Heart Cake

Workmate and cycling buddy Kellie asked if I'd mind baking a cake for her mum's 50th birthday. Would I mind? I'd love to, silly! You see, I love to bake cakes. And there's nothing better than baking cakes for your friends.

With free reign and absolutely no idea how to decorate the cake, I needed inspiration, fast!

Flickr has long been a place where I can while away the hours looking at pictures of beautiful cakes so it seemed only natural that it would be my first port of call. I knew that I wanted to keep the cake simple, clean and pretty and hello naomi does this oh-so-well. Her cakes are exquisite and super cute, how could I not get inspiration from them?

I found a cake with the sweetest piping that I thought would look perfect and not too difficult to recreate on Kellie's cake. Whaddya think?

and because they are super quick to make I whipped up a couple of sugar roses...


I hope she likes it!

11 April, 2011

Hello. My name is Emma...

...and I'm a bike perv.

There, I said it. I feel I ought to be straight with you from the very start - it is only fair. I also love baking and sweet holidays, but there's more of that to come.

Argh! Check out the lycra cycling shorts! They're long gone thank the lord, but my old bike still remains. My beloved Marin Palisades Trail bought from Beics Betws after many, many months of hard saving from my Saturday job working in the local fruit and veg shop.

I love that bike, but I feel the time has now come to get a new one. After 17 years I'm still quite attached to him to say farewell, so for now he stays put. So, the saving has started from my full time job to get me a beautiful new bike. Oh the choice!

Everyone's Doing It...

...but me.

Until now that is. Yes, I have decided to start a blog. I've spent so much time reading and being inspered by blogs on tinternet that I want to join the club. So here it is, Emma On Holiday - a little blog about this 'n that.
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