16 May, 2011

Early Morning Airport

Playing taxi driver for an airport run is never fun for the person who's not going on holiday. Today that person was me.

Mr. Emma and Ben are off on a jolly to Amsteradm and I have unfortunately been relegated to cab driver. BOOO. Having to be up at 4.30am this morning was a real shock to the system, but there's something about airports that make me really excited and super jealous of all those fab places people are flying to.

Airports are also brilliant for people watching and are therefore the perfect place for Mr. Emma and I to play 'Guess the Destination' whilst we wait for Ben to arrive. Can you guess where the leather faced old lady is going on holiday fom the departures board? We watch with glee when she toddles over to the Benidorm check-in desk - woohoo!

So, I'm home alone and off work until Wednesday. I popped over to visit my big bro today; finally picked up my India pics (!); the boy has an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning and I have a fun bike ride planned with Kellie tomorrow evening. Yay! But back to work on Wednesday evening for a shift full of this AND midnight showings? Not Yay

Do you have any fun holidays planned that will make me green with envy?

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