16 April, 2012

Cupcakes, again.

I was asked to bake some cupcakes for Ian's nan for her to bring along to her OAP club. It's tradition for all the ol' dears to bring along treats to celebrate their birthdays, and as it's her birthday on Wednesday she wanted something to share with her mates.

I'm still playing around with my new toy, I can't seem to get enough of Instagram. Now, I'm no photographer, so to have an app that will make my pictures look halfway decent is a godsend. Please, humour me.

Back to the cupcakes, look at these naked lovelies.

I basically made the same cupcake as the Easter ones from last weekend except I left out the lemon from the sponge and went straight-up vanilla. The icing however, I kept the same.

Summon da police, someone broke in and messed up my kitchen! Icing sugar is the devils creation.  

My, what a fine job they made of the cupcakes, they must be professional...

I think Ian's nan liked the cupcakes, I hope all the old dears do too!

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