28 November, 2011

A bunch of flowers

Look at this lovely bunch of flowers! Aren't I a lucky girl?

Yes, I feel so lucky to have been taught how to make my own flowers, that no one need buy me any more, ever again!

I was taught how to make roses and carnations as part of another sugar craft course I did at Tamworth College. Although fiddly, the carnations were a lovely flower to make. I love how delicate they look against the more robust rose.

It's actually a cake...

...a bouquet cake to be more precise!

I ended up giving my Mum the flowers on top of her own birthday cake one year. She still has them stashed in a shoe box somewhere, and ever the embarrassing parent she'll get them out to show her visitors:

"Look at what my daughter made" 



  1. Beautiful.

    Minted Magazine

    1. Thank you!

      Good luck with the launch of your magazine - it looks great!


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