23 April, 2011

Bike Ride Treat

After spending all day cooped up inside at work, I was so excited to have had a bike ride planned in with Kellie this for evening. The weather has been wonderful all day which teased me no end and it also made work extremely quiet - nobody in their right mind would want to sit in a dark room and watch films when the sun has come out play!

Kellie met me from work and we headed up the canal to Polesworth. There were loads of people out on their boats and even more people enjoying the beer gardens along the way. We passed by Pooley Farm and after a quick history lesson I discovered this beautiful house was once owned Edwin Starr - thank you Mrs Croft, your lessons are the best!


How pretty is that? I know, and right on my doorstep!
We got off the canal and cycled through Polesworth and headed for Twycross, through some amazing countryside. Now, Tamworth isn't the most picturesque of places but hop on a bike and cycle five minutes out of the town centre and you will find the prettiest villages.

On our cycling travels we saw flamingoes. Yes, you heard it right, flamingoes! Twycross Zoo was on our route and the bird enclosure can be seen from the road. Next time I'll bring my camera for some action shots.

So after about 19 miles of struggling cycling I finally got back home, devoured my dinner and in honour of this post by Dottie from Let's Go Ride A Bike, I had a cupcake. These things just have to be done.

Happy cycling!

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